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November 28, 2006
So Angry!
So, today Ashton has been pretty cranky. He woke up from his nap in a bad mood. I was holding him and comforting him for about a half hour while he was very vocally expressing his sadness about not still being asleep. A little later I made him some lunch. Due to his already bad mood, he was screaming because he didn't want to eat it. I managed to get a bean in his mouth, he realized it was good, and then went along with eating his food.

None of this is why I am angry. In the middle of his lunch our bitch neighbor came to the door.

"What is wrong with your child"

"Nothing, he's 2. He is eating his lunch"

"We are just trying to sleep" (it's 11:30 AM mind you) "Can you stop him from screaming"

Ashton senses my tenseness and comes to the door, then screams at her accordingly.

"He's 2."

I shut the door.

I will not apologize for my son acting his age in the privacy of our own home!!!! I would never, even before having a child and realizing what it's all about, never ever complain about someone's child crying, IN THEIR OWN HOME ! This neighbor has also called the police at the unfortunate hour of 3 AM one morning, where Ashton was awake and just generally upset about being awake and not feeling well. All I want to do right now is write a nasty letter and attach it to a econo size box of ear plugs because she better get used to it.
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