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September 18, 2006
Lots of Trouble
This afternoon Ashton was playing as usual. He was watching a movie (Iron Giant - a really fantastic movie if you haven't seen it) and was jumping up and down as he got excited. Somehow he slipped and fell, partially hitting a little chest with his mouth. His front left tooth got pushed up completely into his gums, so far that you can't see any of the tooth.

Usually when this happens it naturally comes back out and is fine, with a possibility of some cosmetic things on the permanent tooth, and the baby tooth possibly having to be removed at some point. If it gets infected, or it doesn't start to come out in it's own, then it will have to be surgically removed.

The hard part is not knowing. We go back in a week for a checkup, then every month until they know what will need to be done. I can pretty much guarantee he will have a dentist phobia for his whole life after today's visit.

For at least the next 2 weeks he can have no pacifier, sippy cup, or any food that needs to be chewed. All three of these prove to be challenging as he won't let us feed him (he is at the age of demonstrating his free will and independence), has never slept without a pacifier, and only likes to mostly dump cups of water on himself or put his hands in them to play (which is usually quite amusing). One good sign is that tonight he went to sleep with out a pacifier incredibly easily. He was exhausted, and we fed him ice cream before bed, and he got his first dose of Children's Motrin which made him quite cute and happy once it kicked in.

I feel so bad for him. If he gets it removed he will be that kid in pre-school with a missing front tooth. I can't help but feel like a bad parent. I know it wasn't my fault, but can't help it. I always let him experience things, not dangerous things, but I let him take little falls, and little bumps to learn about things. He is quite a durable little kid lol, he just bumps his head and comes for a hug, and resumes playtime. I feel so bad that he got really hurt, when he was playing so nicely and not doing anything wrong.

Nothing too serious will come of this (from what they tell us) but I still have to worry, and feel bad.

Also, my cell phone broke, my computer died, and Josh may have to get a colonoscopy (oh but we hope not).
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