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August 30, 2006
da da da
Video of Ashton saying things, mainly da da da da da da (I will get vidoe of him saying mroe soon)

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August 25, 2006
So Funny!
I had to share this:

I was just sitting here at the computer, and Ashton (who was already asleep for the night) suddenly started crying really hard. I ran into his room. He was standing up in his room crying and very distressed. He didn't have his pacifier, and as I went to look for it, and found it. IN HIS PANTS! How a pacifier gets into a pair of pants I don't know, but it was pretty darn funny.
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August 23, 2006
Business Site
My business site:

Complete with shopping carts and everything. Let me know if you have any suggestions to make it better. Now, just to figure out all the legal stuff, get some business cards made, and promote promote promote.
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August 17, 2006
The article
Please read it when you have the time :)
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August 16, 2006
back from vacation
We are back, and today is my Birthday! The trip was amazing. We really had a good time. I will be putting up photos here eventually, but you can see one a day on my photo website too.


The drive down went well. Ashton did great in the car for so long. We stopped at a rest stop along the way and he found a nice lady who he ran up to, took her hand, and pulled her all over to show her things. He is so funny. We got there and found out we had been upgraded to a ph suite. While waiting for it to be ready we went to the beach. Ashton was so cute and cautious walking on the sand for the first time.


We went right to the beach at sunrise (since Ashton was up before then anyway). He was excited and afraid of the water at first. He really doesn't like swimming pools at all, the ocean wasn't much different. He did like to walk in the waves and be in the water for a minute or two before running out and covering his entire body with sand.

We drove around forever looking for some breakfast - for some reason our condo just had restraunts for lunch/dinner. We finally settled for Burger King because we were so hungry. We found a grocery store too and got some more snacks for Ashton.

We went back to the beach did some more playing in the sand. Ashton got better with the water, but was still scared. Every time Josh would walk away to look at something or to go in the water Ashton would scream. He got so attached to Josh on this trip, seriously if Josh had to go to the bathroom all I would hear was "dada dada daddy da da da" etc louder and angrier until he got back, cute, but it had it's limits early on.


Josh went out early (just before sunrise) with his snorkel gear and got in the water. He dove for lots of beautiful shells. He touched some fish, some crabs, and had a great time with that.

We then took the water taxi across the bay to Pensacola. Ashton fell asleep in Josh's arms on the boat. It was amazing, Ashton hasn't slept in our arms since he was a little baby. We ate at Surf Burger on the boardwalk and got right back on the taxi. We went over there to rent a jet ski for Josh, but he left his wallet at the condo (need drivers license) so we had to go back. We then packed up again and got in the car and headed back over. Josh had a great time on the jet ski. Ashton and I played on the little public beach there. I don't know if it was just super hot that day, of if the sand was different on that beach (it was a little darker as the sand at our island was pure white powder sand) it hurt so bad to walk on it. I carried Ashton up and down the shore line (in the water a little because I literally burnt my feet). He was pretty upset. Lots of crying for dada. He did run into a super cute little boy his age - the other boy was 1 month older. They did what kids do when they are the same age, just stood and looked at eachother for about 15 minutes. After a while Ashton waved to him, and held out his hand (to hold the other boy's hand) the other boy didn't budge but I was so impressed that Ashton (the younger one) was the one interacting and being friendly. It's pretty amazing to see him do that stuff.

Josh was super tired when he was through and we all went back to the hotel. I think we went into the pool that afternoon (into 1 of 7 pools) Ashton hated it of course, he is afraid of that much water. It was nice though.


Monday was my morning to get out alone, so I got my camera gear and headed to the beach. 5 shots later I realized my battery was dead. Turns out that the outlet I had my charger in wasn't working. So that was that. We went to the grocery store again and headed back.

We took a walk along the shore of the beach preserve on property. It was one of the best parts of the trip. We saw so many cool hermit crabs. We found two incredible huge shells. They had crabs in them. We tried to get them to leave the shells so we could keep them but as soon as we would turn our backs they would be walking away. It was pretty funny actually. It was a really beautiful place. I didin't get any shots of the crabs, I wish I had, it's just so hard to concentrate with Ashton trying to grab the camera lol.

It was a long walk, as we got back we all jumped in the pool again.

We left there and went back to the boardwalk to shop and look around. We ended up eating at Hooters. I am almost embarrased to say that, but we did, and it was good.


Josh went out snorkeling again and I sat on the beach with Ashton for one last play in the sand. After a few hours we got around and checked out. We could have stayed there forever. This is our new vacation spot, the condo was amazing, the resort amazing, and so much to do that will be great for future trips. We can't wait to go back.

The drive back sucked. That's all I need to say about that.

We are all so sore and tired. I had hoped Ashton would like to lounge around more, but it was a very active trip. Funny after a beach trip we are all so worn out. It was great.

I didn't proof read or spell check this, too tired.
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August 07, 2006
very excited
I am very excited about 2 things:

1. Our vacation is in just a few days! I can't wait any longer!

2. I am being featured in an online artical for my photography! It's a pretty big deal, I am very excited about it. It is about photoblogs, which is wonderful, but I also need to do more internet promotion of my site so non bloggers can see my work, and hopefully purchase prints.

I took down the direct link to my site below, sorry you've got to type it in yourself. I just don't want a link between this site and that one. These things need to stay seperate ya know. Anyway, I am still waiting for anyone to email me some photos to edit (free) or to even comment on this new venture of mine! I hope you all like it.
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August 03, 2006
Here goes.
I suppose it's time for me to show you all my photography website. It is still getting put together right now as I am adding archives and setting up slideshows, but it's almost there. Right after our vacation I will be setting up the business side of things, getting a copyright, and launching a complimentary business website. This will consist of an easier way to purchase prints of my work and will also be the start of my photo-editing business. That site will have before and after shots of work I have already done for people and such. I really can do work that is compartive to a professional airbrusher, doing retouches, taking out people, and of course making the colors fabulous.

When I started this site it was under the name of Faustina. This is my grandmother's name and, well, a cool name. As things have grown I am known by this unique name and will contunue to go by Faustina for my photography, so if you do leave comments there please call me by that, or I will just edit your comments and take my real name out of them. I hope you all like it.

Please spread the word, and add my site to your webpage links, as I am trying my hardest to improve my internet marketing and that deffinately includes the number of links and page rank. If you or anyone you know are interested in my services I will sell you any print at a great low price, and I will edit your photos for free if you agree to let me use them as examples also.

www (dot) alittlepieceoftheworld (dot) com
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