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July 06, 2006
Wow. I hadn't realized that it has been so long since my last post. Last weekend was great. Josh had Monday and Tuesday off also for the holiday. It was a great break. The night of the 4th I woke up Ashton to see the fireworks. He was so cute. He pointed and said "ooo" and "wow". He was incredibly sleepy and after a few minutes his whole body started shaking so I put him right back to bed. He probably doesn't even remember it, just a crazy dream to him I'm sure.

He is obsessed with stairs. Most children his age know how to go up and down them on their own, but not him. He desperately wants to do it, but not the safe way for his size, he insists on doing it like we do. Going up is pretty easy for him as he holds onto the rail. We are always rushing to him when he wants to go down them because he just throws his foot over the edge and doens't realize he will probably just roll down. We spend countless hours practicing. I will be sitting on the sofa and he will come over and take my hand and pull me over to the stairs to practice. When he is holding my hand he doesn't even try to balance himself, he just throws himself over the edge and knows I will hold him, it is so cute.

Hmmm... What else? I suppose I will say that I am starting a photography business. I have sold a few prints, and am starting to edit peoples photos for them (due to crappy photographers etc.) Eventually when it's all set up and I get my copyright etc, I will share my website with all of you. Right now it just makes me feel a little better to know that most people I know don't see my work yet. There is a link to my site somewhere... I assume some of you have found it by now, if not - too bad!
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