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July 18, 2006
I am so excited!
We are going on vacation! A real vacation! This will be the first time Josh and I have actually gone somewhere (for more that 1 night) with no intentions of visiting anyone! We are going to Portofino Island which is off the coast of Florida. It is a huge resort place with the bay of Pensacola on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. There is a water taxi service to take us to special shopping and entertainment places besides the tons of stuff there is just in the resort. I am so excited! We are going August 11 - 15. I can't wait for Ashton to see the beach. I think it will be so amazing to play in the sand with him all day long. I am going to try to adjust his bedtime before then because he currently goes to bed at about 4pm - if we could extend it a little it would be good to be able to go out for dinner, but if not, it's all room service! I am so excited. Have I said yet that I am so excited?!? We have a two bedroom suite so Ashton can have his own peace and quiet since he goes to bed so early.

We were planning origionally on going to Savannah Georgia since it is closer and there is beach there. There was an oil spill near there that hasn't yet caused any damage but we didn't want to risk it. Portofino is only 6 hours away, which shouldn't be too bad of a drive since Ashton has developed a love of movies. The hotel room at this resort was only $20 more than the one in Savannah so we got a great deal! I have to go and try to find things to sell on Ebay now, I am assuming that the resort may be more expensive that normal places so I am trying to prepare.

I am so excited!
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