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June 14, 2006
WARNING this post contains at least 13 refrences to Poop!
The past few days have been hard.

Ashton, who seems very advanced in this area for his age, has begun taking off his diaper. There really is no way to stop it from happening. He can take off his pants (and of course hasn't learned to put them back on) and can take off his diaper. He can lift the flaps, or just pull down to get it off. Kids don't usually start this until maybe 2 years old. At first this was an interesting new thing that he did until...

Poop! The recent problem is him trying to clean himself by removing his poopy diapers in his crib before making any noise that he is awake or needs me. As you can imagine cleaning up a boy and bed covered in poop at 5 am isn't such a pleasant thing.

So potty training starts. For boys you usually start potty training around 2 1/2, although every child has cues to when they are ready. Ashton does seem ready but at a whole year early it will be a challenge. There are some things to notice when your child is ready. One is wanting to be alone to poop. Ashton will rarely go unless he is in his room by himself. Another is taking off the diaper. He also tries to clean himself with wipes when I do it also. I am teaching him the sign (sign language) for "going to the bathroom" and he seems to be catching on. That is the biggest lesson I think in starting this that he can tell us when he needs to go, or be changed.

We bought him a Winnie the Pooh potty chair. Does anyone else find it horribly convenient that his potty has a picture of Pooh on it? I think it's hilarious. So I am trying to get him used to the idea slowly as he is still very little to know exactly what to do on there.

Besides the "removing the poopy diaper debacle" Ashton is teething. Teething is a word non-parents think they know but in all truth "teething" does not really begin until the molars come in. All other teething previous to this does not compare.

Ashton gets blood blisters when his teeth come in. They come in so slowly that his mouth continually heals over the tooth poking out resulting in a huge blood blister. This happens twice for each molar as they tend to have 2 points that emerge. Poor little guy is very angry about it all. He wakes up a lot during the night, won't nap during the day, and generally wants to do nothing but hug his lion and watch TV (which I hate that I have been letting him sit in my lap and watch Ice Age continually through all this). As soon as 1 molar finishes coming in another starts. It is a vicious cycle.

Well I should go I guess, I may have a cranky poop covered baby waiting for me.

I hope you all appreciate the color I chose for the poopy words!
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