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June 02, 2006
I just realized I never said anything about how last weekend worked out. Tubing went relatively well. Ashton kicked his feet in the water and ate snacks pretty much the whole time. When he wasn't doing that he was making angry noises and trying to get out. He really doesn't like sitting still at all so he was ready when it was over. Sunday we went to the renaissance fair in Atlanta. It was so incredibly hot outside Ashton was bright pink just from being hot, not from being burnt. We saw this little girl there who was about Ashton's age who was so incredibly calm and quiet. I couldn't believe it. She was down walking around the whole time and stayed with her family and didn't run off or anything. I had to hold ashton most of the time because when he's walking he won't let us hold his hands and he just tries to run away! I really don't know how to let him know if he just stays with us he can walk by himself. Anyway it was fun, and so hot.

Nothing planned for this weekend yet, hopefully it will just be filled with lazy days.
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