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June 04, 2006
5 things
5 items always in my fridge

1. Fresh mozzarella (in a big ball for grating into things)
2. Whole milk for Ashton
3. Red onions - I use them in a lot of things I make
4. Baby carrots
5. Lots of things that should have been thrown away long ago

5 items in my closet

1. All the clothes I never wear
2. Misc. stuff I have no where else to put
3. About 10 bikinis that I will most likely never wear again (damn stretch marks)
4. All the clothes Josh never wears
5. Luggage

5 items in my car

1. Toys all over that Ashton throws while riding (he is not pacient in the car)
2. Yoga mat (not that I do much yoga I think it is still there from my pre-natal class)
3. Pages from children's books (Ashton at no time should be left out of sight with books without cardboard pages)
4. Electronics manuals (when we buy something new and get excited we open it right away in the car, all the manuals to our stuff ends up in the glove box)
5. Misc. crap that we never manage to bring inside the house

5 items in my purse

1. A little photo book with shots of Ashton
2. Perfume samples
3. Hand sanatizer
4. Compact/Mirror
5. Digital Camera
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