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March 14, 2006
To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to quickly clarify something for anyone who has started reading this blog not knowing what it is all about.

Most and foremost this is an online journal. Some things I write or have written may surprise or offend some people but they are not meant to in any way. Like any type of personal writing things said in the heat of the moment most likely are not to be taken seriously. If I have feelings about something and rant or rave about it and never clarify or rectify what I feel about that something, it generally means I have forgotten all about it or at least gotten over it enough in my mind that I don't even think it is an issue that needs to be written about here. Please don't take anything here seriously!

Secondly this is a place for my family and friends to see pictures of, and hear info about Ashton. If you are a family member visiting this site please don't take any post in any real consideration as it is only an internal monologue.

I apologize if any of this has offended anyone. If it does, please comment here or contact me directly so as adults the problem can be clarified.

As I have become more and more of a boring person I don't have much else other than Ashton to write about so you all can expect to mostly get cute baby pictures and funny (at least I try to be funny) stories.
posted by R, J, & A @ 3/14/2006 06:31:00 PM  
  • At 3/17/2006 3:30 PM, Anonymous Jasmine said…

    damn woman, i am so offended by you and all your talk of ashton :-) just kidding. he is growing up so fast! i can't believe it...

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