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March 21, 2006
Random Information

So, this is a post full of lots of random information.

A few days ago we were running to the store for a few necessities. We noticed packages of beautiful strawberries for $1, it was amazing. These were full size packages, we bought 3 boxes. I have never gotten a full package of perfect strawberries before, ones where nothing had to be thrown out or cut off; it was great. The first box, I cut up and we ate that day. We even gave Ashton some (one of which he almost chocked on but we wont talk about that). The second box, I used to make strawberry syrup for cinnamon French toast. We ran out of milk and cereal and any other breakfast foods so I made the bread in my bread machine and realized that we had no syrup for that bread once made into French toast so I made my own, delicious. The third box I sliced and mixed into my favorite favorite fruit dip. I shouldn't even call it fruit dip since it is so much more rich and decadent than any other fruit dip you may have had. I shall call it spreadable cheesecake.

I will now do something I won't do very often. I am going to share my recipe for "Spreadable Cheesecake". You all have to make it! Once made you need to eat without guilt and come back here and tell me how amazing it was and continue to sing my praises forever. I am serious!

8 oz cream cheese (whipped works best because it's easier to mix but either is fine)

1/4 C + 1T sour cream (the fully fattening version)

1t vanilla extract

1/2 C brown sugar

Mix all together thoroughly and let sit overnight in the fridge. When ready, eat with a spoon, over fruit, or slathered on a body - whatever is easiest for you once it's ready. Btw "T" is tablespoon and "t" is teaspoon for anyone who may not know that.

Next piece of random information I feel like sharing:

Ashton loves Mitsu (the black cat we hate). Yes, hate is a strong word; we hate her. Anyway, he has started picking her up and sitting with her in his lap. It is so funny because he does this by placing his hands around her neck (just like he is chocking her, and probably is), and wrapping his legs around her middle so she can't get free. Sometimes she even makes little noises like she is in pain, but she loves him, and continually comes back for more. I am glad we have her, although she totally disregards us unless her food bowl is empty or she feels like she needs us to open the bathroom door so she can pee in the tub.

And my final piece of information; this has turned into a long post so I'm sure you're happy it's almost over.

I was taking a bath today and was thinking about our new insurance, and that I might have to find a new doctor for Ashton. I realized exactly how many different doctors he has seen in just his 1 year of life. The first was the doctor at the hospital when he was born to do his initial checkup. Next was his checkup 2 days after we left the hospital. About a week later another doctor at the same clinic who saw us because he had gotten pink eye. Then was another doctor at the same office for his 1 month checkup. Next he saw a doctor assigned to us in Georgia with new insurance, it was a horrible checkup they didn't do anything they were supposed to do; very horrible place. Next was the doctor we switched to after the horrible place. We then got new insurance again and started going to an office here in Canton, where since then we have seen 2 of it's doctors for misc. Things. Now we have new insurance yet again and will be possibly switching to another new doctor. Crazy huh. 8 doctors in 1 year. My advice to you all is 1. Don't move as much as we have 2. Get a good insurance policy and stick with it!

OK This random information session is now over.

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