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March 13, 2006
Random Ashton Information

I am up way to early. Poor little guy is cutting 4 teeth I think. He is such a good kid, not even fussy at all. He just has a hard time sleeping as I'm sure I would too if I had a bunch of strange boney things emerging from my gums.

Lately Ashton is in his organization phase. All he does all day is put things into containers, carry said containers around with him, and take these things out of the containers again thus being able to repeat the process. He is also starting to have some idea where things "belong", only I never really have anything where it "belongs"; more like where it lands. Ashton has a rocking horse that has been sitting in my kitchen for about a month (since his birthday party so over a month). I just yesterday decided to put it in his room where it "belongs". Ashton promptly pulled it back into the kitchen, not to play with it but just to put it there. It seems my home will never be organized again, although I don't think it ever was.

Here is a picture of Ashton's new shoes. So so so cute. Yes I am aware that he has no pants on. Once you have children you learn to save the cute outfits for days you go out, minimalizing your laundry most other days. Doesn't he have cute chubby legs? It's funny how chubby his legs looks because he is actually pretty light for his height.

Notice that these little plain shoes are $25 from Baby Gap. I hope I haven't become enough of a bum that the pricetag seems expensive to only me.

Here is one of those days that he gets dressed.

I don't know why he looks slightly angry in this picture. Anyway, no real news with us. We went to see ultraviolet last week, it kinds sucked. Josh is excited for his new job, he starts that in a week. It was 83 degrees here yesterday, I had to turn on my air conditioning. I can see my electric bill rising as we speak.
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