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March 15, 2006
The joys of laundry

Here are a few pictures of Ashton mobbing me while I try to fold clothes. He takes head dives into the laundry basket! This is a pop-up frog laundry basket that I keep his laundry in. He is fascinated in it. It is the highlight of his day when he gets to sit inside here and mess his clothes up. Such a silly boy. He also is a big fan of vacuuming. He won't leave me alone once I get it out. At least I never have to worry where he is when I am trying to clean. Ashton has also developed an emotional attachment to the remote control for our TV. It never leaves his side. He gets very angry when I won't let him take it into the bath tub! I will try to get a picture of that later.

Not a whole lot of other news.

Check out this list of top 50 dead rock stars. Josh has the day off tomorrow. We might go to a movie. Nothing else to say.
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