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March 31, 2006

Ha ha ha ha ha. Click on the photos for lost more funny and some incredibly offensive baby and adult t-shirts. Although these are so funny I can't really imagine actually putting your child in many of these.

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March 28, 2006

Happy Anniversary to me! 3 years, crazy crazy. June 4th will be 4 years from dating - I remember when I told Jazz that we started dating when Josh helped me move to Colorado Springs - I remember how surprised you were, in kind of a "Oh what are you doing now" way. All turned out so well! I will post more about our day today and our plans for the weekend later, just don't feel like typin right now.

Also - check out Lab Rat for a very funny pic of Josh on his 21st B-day
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March 25, 2006

It's Mardi Gras at our house! Ashton loves wearing necklaces - I know it's kind of strange for a little boy but it is so cute.

I wish I had more to say, but I am at a loss for words I suppose, can't think of anything right now, maybe later.
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March 21, 2006
Random Information

So, this is a post full of lots of random information.

A few days ago we were running to the store for a few necessities. We noticed packages of beautiful strawberries for $1, it was amazing. These were full size packages, we bought 3 boxes. I have never gotten a full package of perfect strawberries before, ones where nothing had to be thrown out or cut off; it was great. The first box, I cut up and we ate that day. We even gave Ashton some (one of which he almost chocked on but we wont talk about that). The second box, I used to make strawberry syrup for cinnamon French toast. We ran out of milk and cereal and any other breakfast foods so I made the bread in my bread machine and realized that we had no syrup for that bread once made into French toast so I made my own, delicious. The third box I sliced and mixed into my favorite favorite fruit dip. I shouldn't even call it fruit dip since it is so much more rich and decadent than any other fruit dip you may have had. I shall call it spreadable cheesecake.

I will now do something I won't do very often. I am going to share my recipe for "Spreadable Cheesecake". You all have to make it! Once made you need to eat without guilt and come back here and tell me how amazing it was and continue to sing my praises forever. I am serious!

8 oz cream cheese (whipped works best because it's easier to mix but either is fine)

1/4 C + 1T sour cream (the fully fattening version)

1t vanilla extract

1/2 C brown sugar

Mix all together thoroughly and let sit overnight in the fridge. When ready, eat with a spoon, over fruit, or slathered on a body - whatever is easiest for you once it's ready. Btw "T" is tablespoon and "t" is teaspoon for anyone who may not know that.

Next piece of random information I feel like sharing:

Ashton loves Mitsu (the black cat we hate). Yes, hate is a strong word; we hate her. Anyway, he has started picking her up and sitting with her in his lap. It is so funny because he does this by placing his hands around her neck (just like he is chocking her, and probably is), and wrapping his legs around her middle so she can't get free. Sometimes she even makes little noises like she is in pain, but she loves him, and continually comes back for more. I am glad we have her, although she totally disregards us unless her food bowl is empty or she feels like she needs us to open the bathroom door so she can pee in the tub.

And my final piece of information; this has turned into a long post so I'm sure you're happy it's almost over.

I was taking a bath today and was thinking about our new insurance, and that I might have to find a new doctor for Ashton. I realized exactly how many different doctors he has seen in just his 1 year of life. The first was the doctor at the hospital when he was born to do his initial checkup. Next was his checkup 2 days after we left the hospital. About a week later another doctor at the same clinic who saw us because he had gotten pink eye. Then was another doctor at the same office for his 1 month checkup. Next he saw a doctor assigned to us in Georgia with new insurance, it was a horrible checkup they didn't do anything they were supposed to do; very horrible place. Next was the doctor we switched to after the horrible place. We then got new insurance again and started going to an office here in Canton, where since then we have seen 2 of it's doctors for misc. Things. Now we have new insurance yet again and will be possibly switching to another new doctor. Crazy huh. 8 doctors in 1 year. My advice to you all is 1. Don't move as much as we have 2. Get a good insurance policy and stick with it!

OK This random information session is now over.

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March 18, 2006

I've got a cute picture here from yesterday. We went to the park. Ashton loves the park, although he is very afraid of the grass! Yesterday he actually ventured off the path a few steps voluntarily, it was so funny; after those few steps he came right back to the sidewalk. Anyone who hasn't seen Josh's blog Lab Rat yet, you need to go there now! (unless you are my mom then you should definitely stay away from his page) It is funny and random - and he needs your comments! I have counters up to see who, and when visits all my sites so I will know if you don't go look! You better! Enough with the threats, here's my cute picture. I will try to come up with a non-Ashton related post soon I promise.

p.s. to Jazz - Ashton has just started really playing with the toy you gave him. He was a very hesitant and a little afraid about it before, but today he pulled the string and saw the little train go around him and he giggled and clapped :)

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March 15, 2006
The joys of laundry

Here are a few pictures of Ashton mobbing me while I try to fold clothes. He takes head dives into the laundry basket! This is a pop-up frog laundry basket that I keep his laundry in. He is fascinated in it. It is the highlight of his day when he gets to sit inside here and mess his clothes up. Such a silly boy. He also is a big fan of vacuuming. He won't leave me alone once I get it out. At least I never have to worry where he is when I am trying to clean. Ashton has also developed an emotional attachment to the remote control for our TV. It never leaves his side. He gets very angry when I won't let him take it into the bath tub! I will try to get a picture of that later.

Not a whole lot of other news.

Check out this list of top 50 dead rock stars. Josh has the day off tomorrow. We might go to a movie. Nothing else to say.
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March 14, 2006
To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to quickly clarify something for anyone who has started reading this blog not knowing what it is all about.

Most and foremost this is an online journal. Some things I write or have written may surprise or offend some people but they are not meant to in any way. Like any type of personal writing things said in the heat of the moment most likely are not to be taken seriously. If I have feelings about something and rant or rave about it and never clarify or rectify what I feel about that something, it generally means I have forgotten all about it or at least gotten over it enough in my mind that I don't even think it is an issue that needs to be written about here. Please don't take anything here seriously!

Secondly this is a place for my family and friends to see pictures of, and hear info about Ashton. If you are a family member visiting this site please don't take any post in any real consideration as it is only an internal monologue.

I apologize if any of this has offended anyone. If it does, please comment here or contact me directly so as adults the problem can be clarified.

As I have become more and more of a boring person I don't have much else other than Ashton to write about so you all can expect to mostly get cute baby pictures and funny (at least I try to be funny) stories.
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March 13, 2006
Random Ashton Information

I am up way to early. Poor little guy is cutting 4 teeth I think. He is such a good kid, not even fussy at all. He just has a hard time sleeping as I'm sure I would too if I had a bunch of strange boney things emerging from my gums.

Lately Ashton is in his organization phase. All he does all day is put things into containers, carry said containers around with him, and take these things out of the containers again thus being able to repeat the process. He is also starting to have some idea where things "belong", only I never really have anything where it "belongs"; more like where it lands. Ashton has a rocking horse that has been sitting in my kitchen for about a month (since his birthday party so over a month). I just yesterday decided to put it in his room where it "belongs". Ashton promptly pulled it back into the kitchen, not to play with it but just to put it there. It seems my home will never be organized again, although I don't think it ever was.

Here is a picture of Ashton's new shoes. So so so cute. Yes I am aware that he has no pants on. Once you have children you learn to save the cute outfits for days you go out, minimalizing your laundry most other days. Doesn't he have cute chubby legs? It's funny how chubby his legs looks because he is actually pretty light for his height.

Notice that these little plain shoes are $25 from Baby Gap. I hope I haven't become enough of a bum that the pricetag seems expensive to only me.

Here is one of those days that he gets dressed.

I don't know why he looks slightly angry in this picture. Anyway, no real news with us. We went to see ultraviolet last week, it kinds sucked. Josh is excited for his new job, he starts that in a week. It was 83 degrees here yesterday, I had to turn on my air conditioning. I can see my electric bill rising as we speak.
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March 09, 2006
Hot Hot Hot

American Idol! I was pleasantly surprised last night (well I had it on TiVo so I didn't watch it until this morning) it was a great show. I have things to say about all the contestants but am too lazy to talk about all of that. I normally am a big fan of Chris (bald rocker guy) - last week his version of Fuel, hemorrhage was amazing. I have always thought that Ace is pretty hot but just not my kind of guy, some how he seems kindof feminine to me, but I LOVE him now. Last night he did a Michael Jackson song (one I had never heard before and don't remember the name of) and it was soo good! I am definitely hot for him now - just that one performance got me to LOVE him. I have no words for how hot that song was, and about half of it was in falsetto, crazy crazy. I am going to look online now for video of it for all of you who didn't catch it. Hot hot hot.
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March 06, 2006
4 things

I was tagged on another blog of mine to do this and thought I would post it here. The rules go answer 4 things for each group - at the end tag 4 others to repeat (luckily there are exactly 4 people who read this blog) leave a post on their blog so they know to do it. So here goes!

retail manager
door to door sales person
weightloss counselor

Do the Right Thing
Great Expectations
American History X
Love Stinks

Hastings, Minnesota
Minneapolis, University of Minnesota
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Canton, Georgia

Project Runway
American Idol

New York

Ice cream
Chinese food

New York
Any Beach
Mall of America
Right here with Ashton thrying desprately to get my mouse and keyboard

And I tag - conqueress, suikee, gamaray18, and josh huah.
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Exciting News!

Happy day, happy day. Check out Josh's blog lab rat for details!
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March 02, 2006
I am a Southerner!

I have realized something absolutely dreadful. I am becoming a southerner. I am not saying anything bad about people who are from the south (although I generally don't like many of them) but I never thought I would be something other than a person from the north with a Minnesota accent. Lately I have been saying "darlin" a lot recently. To the cats, and to Asthon it has become a world of affection. I will NEVER be like waitresses who say it to Josh, me, and to every other person they talk to but seriously. I can't believe it is in my vocabulary. I have also become lazy and started saying "bye" differently. It is a lazy way of saying it that kind of sounds like "ba" definitely southern sounding. I am really going to start trying not to do that one. My new favorite food is "chicken N dumplins" - it is delicious. You should all try it some time.

So, yes I am turning into a southern woman, hopefully my speed of acclimation slows some so I don't turn into a redneck overnight - I need to stay somewhat in the middle until we can move back to Colorado someday.
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March 01, 2006
Beautiful Boy
Image hosting by Photobucket

My beautiful boy. Sure he has food all over his face but just look at those eyes, baby teeth, and pretty blonde hair! He sure isn't a baby any more - this is his first real "little kid" picture.
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