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February 14, 2006

To those of you who aren't big fans of this day, I think I will recommend skipping over this post. It's mushy, cheesy, and I can imagine hard to stomach if you aren't in the mood for some Valentine's Day romance.

101 Things I Love about You
(Things Rosie loves about Josh)

1. I love that every minute I am thinking about you, I know that you are thinking about me too.
2. I love the way you laugh when you play with our son.
3. I love that you know the importance of nice makeup,
4. and that you know what kinds I use and can buy it for me when I'm not there.
5. I love that you aren't perfect,
6. can't sit still,
7. or be quiet;
8. but that you try so hard, just for me.
9. I love the way you look in your new pants,
10. and out of them.
11. I love that you can put up with all my little things,
12. that you say aren't annoying, but I know that they are.
13. I love that you sleep so deeply,
14. I can make all kinds of noise and not wake you,
15. or at least you don't complain.
16. I love how every time I think of you my phone rings,
17. or I get a little message or picture from you.
18. I love that you lie with me until I fall asleep,
19. just so I can sleep well,
20. and that you try to be so quiet.
21. I love that you rub me when I'm sleeping,
22. and you aren't mad when I don't remember it in the morning.
23. I love that you don't get mad if I don't have time to iron your shirts,
24. or pants,
25. or sometimes even wash them.
26. I love your artistic eyes,
27. everything you see is beauty.
28. I love what you can create,
29. from just a blank piece of paper.
30. I love that you are such an amazing dad,
31. even though you don't always remember where the diapers are,
32. or at what time he will be hungry.
33. I love that you actually listen when I talk to you,
34. and that you remember what I say.
35. I love your little surprises,
36. that you come home with every day.
37. There is no one else that could make me happy;
38. but you can make me happy with something as small as a gumball.
39. I love that when you are angry at me you can't stay mad,
40. because you can't help wanting to make me laugh,
41. and you can make me laugh, not matter how upset I am.
42. I love that you try to say "I Love you" to me at least 12 times a day,
43. because anything less is just not enough love.
44. I love how you sing to Shakira, and the Dixie Chicks,
45. and that you are just a little embarrassed when I notice.
46. I love the way you take so long to get ready,
47. and try on clothes,
48. because I know that you are trying to be perfect for me.
49. I love that you think about what would be the best type of soap for me to use,
50. I love that you care about my soap!
51. I can't believe it when you come home with food from 3 different restaurants,
52. just so I can have all my favorite things.
53. I love how we spend every minute together,
54. and still want more time.
55. I love that you appreciate everything that I do for you,
56. and you work just as hard to do things for me.
57. I love that you remember carnations are ugly flowers,
58. and 'bird of paradise' are my favorites.
59. I love that when you are hungry you don't even know where to look for food;
60. and that when I cook, you love everything I make.
61. I love that when Ashton was born you were there,
62. with me every minute,
63. even when you felt sick.
64. I love that everything I was thinking that day, you were too.
65. I love that you don't read baby books,
66. that way you know I will just let you know the important things.
67. I love how you get scared when I feed him something he has never had before,
68. and when he tries to put so much in his mouth at once.
69. I love how you knew how important his 1st birthday was to me,
70. and that you did everything you could to make the day perfect,
71. and it was.
72. I love that you are so caring,
73. and giving,
74. and passionate,
75. and silly.
76. and emotional,
77. and stubborn,
78. and lazy,
79. and hardworking,
80. and sleepy.
81. I love 'Josh Bad N Ugly'!
82. I love that I cannot imagine my life without you,
83. and that you couldn't imagine yours without me either.
84. I love when you buy me things,
85. that I tell you not to,
86. because I am just being stubborn.
87. I love that you hide money from me,
88. so that you can buy me things.
89. I love that you love watches,
90. because I love to buy them for you.
91. I love how you get embarrassed to tell me things,
92. even when they are usually things I already know.
93. I love how you change your mind about everything,
94. like getting a motorcycle,
95. or a new car,
96. or a truck.
97. I love how when you read all of this you will probably cry,
98. and how embarrassed you will be when I tell you I put it online.
99. I love that you are trying your best not to bite your nails,
100. and that you are sucking up your manly-ness to get a manicure for my Valentines Day present.
101. I love how even after listing 100 things about you that I love; it doesn't even scratch the surface of what is amazing about you. I could go on for a Million more.

Happy Valentines Day!

If anyone is still here after these 101 things, let the heaving commence and have a wonderful Valentines Day!

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