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February 05, 2006
sunday SUNDAY sunday!

I have to say that I am actually happy Josh doesn't like many sports. I am thrilled to not have to watch the Superbowl. I will tune in for the commercials I think.

I can't believe that it is only 8 am! It feels like its... noonish. Josh was off to work at 6, I was up at 4 (damn cats woke Ashton). Speeking of cats, no more cat sex! Yes Mitsu's quest for lovin' has stopped. I am glad Harley is fixed so we won't be seeing kittens anytime soon. We will get Mitsu fixed eventually, just isn't on our list of priorities. Mitsu is the black cat in the photos. ---->

So I finally got this template workin'. Html is a pain in the ass, xml isn't much fun either but I am better at that for some reason. I hope you all like my hard work :)

When I get around to it I will be posting video from Ashton's birthday party! He ate his cake shirtless and rubbed frosting all over himself! It was great. I will be posting all of our pictures also, just deceiding how to archive them and in what program.

You can leave me messages on my ChatBox to the right - reply to posts also but if you just wanna say "Hi" or "Oh I wanted to tell you" kind of stuff leave it there.

Happy sunday SUNDAY sunday!
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