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February 17, 2006

So, today was kind of an interesting day. We went out to lunch at Stevie B's (the restaurant that Josh almost worked at but passed on). Ashton is learning how to drink out of a normal (big boy) cup so I was helping him get some water. Josh asked me for a napkin and I took my hand of the cup for a split second and Ashton dumped the whole glass of ice water all over his head and body. He was so surprised that he started screaming. I have never been so embarrassed, I felt so bad for him too he must have been so scared! We didn't have a spare outfit with us today so we had to make a Walmart run with the baby boy in soaking wet clothing.

I swear Walmart was hosting "old people employee day". Everywhere we went in that store there were old people who didn't know what they were doing. I am all for equal opportunity employment and non age discrimination but seriously, who puts a 80 year old on the speed lane? This lady had to take a CD casing off and she looked like she was either gonna break her hand or have to call the entire fleet of oldies to help her. Then the beeper went off at the door - her memory loss must have gotten the best of her and forgotten to swipe the magnets. Of course another old lady was the one to try and run to stop us, and took like what felt like an hour going over our receipt.

So we get home, well in the parking lot of home, and I was pretty pissy. Josh decided that it would be a good idea to set off the car alarm to cheer me up. Funny thing is, it kinda worked. Our alarm is messed up and really hard to shut off but it was funny and I am all good now.

p.s. I am really not filled with such hate for elderly employees, just today, and in the speed lane.
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