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February 22, 2006

A monumental day! You always hear how kids grow up so fast, that they grow up overnight; well that is so so so true. Just 1 hour after waking up today Ashton learned 3 new things. He can say "No" which is so cute because he pronounces it like "now", he can say "Ruff" like a dog barking - grrr, ruff ruff. He also found his belly button! That is pretty funny too, he still has a milk belly in the way so he pushes his stomach in with his hands and then puts his fingers in his belly button.

Ashton also got to walk on his own outside in the rain today - I have never put him down much when it is wet outside because he just wants to put his hands in he water. Today he learned the joy of stomping his feet in puddles. So cute.

He is getting his molars. This sucks. He is such a happy kid, and still is with molars cutting but he won't take a nap. This is mostly bad because when he is tired he plays hard and rough. He ends up falling down a lot and getting hurt. Oh well, bedtime is just a few hours away and he will sleep then.
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