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January 01, 2006
Happy New Year!
Happy new year. We did nothing. Actually, I stayed up and watched a "Project Runway" marathon - I am now addicted. I love fashon shows. Anyway noting interesting at all to say really.

I did find the school I want A to go to. It goes from pre-k - 12. Tuition starts at like 7000 for pre-k and about 13000 for grade 12 - I hope we can get acepted and recieve some tuition assistance! I don't even think a semester at college cost me that much. It is an amazing school though. A little more conservative than I would have liked but perfect in every other way. We will see where we are at in about a year I guess and deciede weather we want to push for that. Here's their website

Oh No! Just hit 4:00 pm here - a new show came on - something abou that crazy Flava Flav - need to get up and change it in a hurry.
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