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December 26, 2005
Merry Christmas!
Christmas was good. We went over to J's parents house and watched everyone opened presents. We got a lot of stuff too. A had fun with his presents. I will post some pics once i get them on my computer. I am so sick today. I am always sick on holidays I think. I have the worst cold ever. J & his dad put a grill guard on the xterra yesterday, it looks nice - and they realized that there was absolutely no anti-freeze in the car and that's why it was running hot and why the engine light was on. That makes me feel a lot better.

Kindof a long story... when J put in his 2 weeks to go for his new job the place he was at offered him free insurance to stay. It was gonna cost us a lot of money and that was one of his big reasons for leaving so he stayed. So since they really couldn't make the insurance free they gave him a raise to make up for it. They ended up not being able to give him a raise big enough to cover it all because they are a relatively small company so we decieded that we would pay $40 a month for all three of us - still a great deal. So we were planing on only getting $40 less a month but then when J got his paycheck we realized that the huge raise they gave him put us into a higher tax bracket and now we are getting $400 less a month. It sucks. Not that we are hurting for money but taking 400 a month from us for stupid insurance is insane. They are already paying J more than everyone else in his position so they can't pay him more so we have to just deal with it I guess. It is great insurance at least. I am pissed though - have to wait for his next raise to get new car :(

p.s. I never proof read before I post so if anything doesn't make sence that is why.
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