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December 11, 2005
I Hate Weekends!
I know it sounds strange to hate weekends but Josh always has to work and although I do not really have the time to watch tv during the day I always have it on and weekend programing sucks! Right now I am watching "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" I can't elieve I am watching this.

My book isn't getting written very fast, I had to take a break when Josh got pnemonia and stuff kept coming up and I never got back to it. I hope I do get a chance to continue it and finish it.

The feuneral was nice. I felt like everyone was judging me because I didn't cry. I have never cried at a feuneral before. I am not a person who cries in public, not that I try to hold it back I just don't. It was nice to see all my relatives though. Ashton had fun with everyone. Flying first class was great, we can never go back to coach. We hate traveling so much that anything to make it better is deffinately worth it.

Well, one of my cats (Mitsu) is throwing up everywhere. I don't know what is wrong with her but I keep finding little piles of kitty puke where-ever I go. Gross. I better find some more to clean up before Ashton finds it.
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